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Flame setting with the M.A.S.® Burner

The flame setting device is designed considering the kiln dimensions, it is operated from the burner's cold end.
The numbers on the scale of the flame setting device refers directly to the adjusted deflection angle of the M.A.S. nozzles. This numbers ranging from 0 to 10 are called "scale numbers".

Scale number adjustment to set
0 the longest possible flame
10 the shortest possible flame
any intermediate settings flames from long to short


example long flame Images beside showing the possible
deflection of the M.A.S. hoses

maximal 0° up to 40° deflection
example short flame
Air adjustment for a long flame M.A.S. hose deflection approx. 10° Scale number 1,5 Air adjustment for a short flame M.A.S. hose deflection approx. 35°
Scale number 8,4


Animation: M.A.S. flame setting device

Animation: M.A.S. flame setting device

Flame shape control (real time adjustment from short to long flame)

Flame movie

The adjustment of the M.A.S. air pressure setting is used to obtain sharp or soft flames.

M.A.S. air nozles