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Mono Airduct System - M.A.S.® Burner

M.A.S. burner systems are tailor made solutions combining our well proven standard technique with solutions to meet your kiln requirements.

The new M.A.S. kiln burner generation for traditional fuels & alternative fuels.

The most important design criteria for a kiln burner is the way of its primary air intake and handling as primary air is most important for effective flame shaping to place the sintering zone where needed.

Advantages of M.A.S.:

  • using the whole primary air for cooling the burner outer pipe
  • to bring the whole primary air flow into a swirl intensity of any desire
  • steppless swirl adjustment 0 - 40°
  • reproducibility of flame shape
  • constant burner momentum at any swirl number
  • single air jet penetration into the flame / kiln

For further information use our M.A.S. questionnaire and contact us.

Unitherm Cemcon rotary kiln burner
Unitherm Cemcon rotary kiln burner
Standard fuels regular fuel oils, natural gas, high and low caloric coals ...
Liquid alternative fuels waste fuel oil with soilds, solvents, high viscosiy oils ...
Solid alternative fuels sewage sludge, plastics, seed, wooden chips, animal meal ...
10 MW up to 200 MW (higher firing performance on request)
6% to 12% (higher values on request)
Standard designs
  • highest level in operational reliability
  • easy flame shaping for best clinker quality
  • maximum burner momentum at each flame shape
  • best mixing of secondary air into the flame
  • innovative features for specific requirements
  • reduced service costs by e.g. excellent cooling