F I R I N G    S Y S T E M S    F O R    T H E    F U T U R E

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Spares maintenance

All M.A.S. burners are designed to keep maintenance costs low. Maintenance and even repair works can be performed by plant maintenance personnel, specialists or personnel from Unitherm Cemcon is not necessary for this works.

Equipment execution:

Fuel nozzles on burner tip all air and fuel nozzles are equipped with threats
Baffle plate mounted tension free (no bulging by heat)
Coal channel at intake section coal pipe is covered with high wear resistant ceramic tiles / incl. maintenance opening
Solid secondary fuel insert can be dismounted while burner remains in operation
Front of burner jacket pipe made of high heat resistant cast iron steel (800 mm long)
Lance cooling any lance carrier pipe is equipped with a cooling facility
Burner refractory extended lifetime by optimum cooling
Flame setting mechanism heavy duty design, safe operation, best controlling

The burner's internal twisting mechanism with its M.A.S. hoses, M.A.S. nozzles and the
flame setting device is a well proven design which is under regular operation conditions
not matter to be particularly maintained.

The M.A.S. burner is designed to be dismantled without any cutting, for all connections flanges (or pieces with threats) are provided.

Welding works are only necessary on the burner jacket pipe.

M.A.S. burner with dismantled jacket pipe
and screwed off fuel nozzles

Outside air nozzle to be welded on jacket
pipe (designed with ribs), and nozzle
wrenches to unscrew the fuel and air nozzles.